Net neutrality warrants free choice of terminal devices

Net neutrality warrants free choice of terminal devices

In line with the EU’s network neutrality principles, consumers are free to choose any terminal device for using internet services. Czech regulator CTU has found that some operators restrict this freedom, e. g. by restricting the usage of a data Sim card only for a mobile phone or tablet.

Czech regulator CTU in its latest monitoring report informs consumers that based on the EU open internet access regulation No 2015/2120 of November 2015, they may use any terminal device of their choice for accessing the internet. Operators are obliged to process all traffic in non-discriminatory manner, without any restrictions for terminal devices the consumers may use.

This requirement is not absolute, though, as there are some exceptions defined. E. g. operators may restrict consumers access from certain terminal devices for technological reasons only, e. g. in case of so-called fixed LTE services. The operator must describe such restrictions in detail in customer contract. 

Within the monitoring conducted by CTU, as a network neutrality watchdog, there were several cases, when restrictions were found for customer’s choice of terminal device. Therefore, CTU recommends users who come across such a commercial practice to assert their rights and complain with their operator. Users are also invited to address CTU and report such restrictions.


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Published on: January 16, 2019

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