Nettest Probes

Nettest Probes enable regular, non-biased, end-to-end measurement of the network quality. The methodology and the metrics measured are compatible with our established mobile and desktop apps, making Open Nettest the most comprehensive platform on the market. 

Low set up cost and an attractive monthly pricing make Nettest Probes a viable option to any scenario: from ISPs looking for better understanding of their network from the end user perspective, through researcher institutions and researchers who are able to benefit from the open data, to the regulators whos job is to monitor the market and resolve customer complaints and other inqires.

Nettest Probes are a part of the Open Nettest platform.

Nettest Probe



Setup fee - Probes: € 150 per probe
Setup fee - Measurement servers: € 1.500 per server
Service fee: € 30 per probe per month


Example : 50 Nettest Probes for 6 months

Setup fee - 50 Probes: € 150 x 50 =  € 7.500
Setup fee - 2 Measurement servers: € 1.500 x 2 =  € 3.000
Monthly service fee: € 30 x 6 x 50 =  € 9.000
Total   € 19.500


Total price excl. hosting and connectivity of the measurement servers. The price of hosting and connectivity depends on the respective country and the hosting providers available. Self-hosting is also possible.